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HZPC Potatoes

"Europe is in danger of losing opportunities if companies will move their technology development out of Europe, where jurisdictions are more in favor of plant breeding." - Anthony Keeling, Elsoms Seeds. We couldn't agree more mr. Keeling. According to our CEO, Gerard Backx, EU rules are lagging behind technical developments: "With new gene techniques, breeding can happen way faster and more focused, in order to meet consumer demands."

HZPC Potatoes

Fact: by 2050 the world population is expected to increase by more than 35 percent, reaching 9.7 billion. This means that there will be a rising demand of responsible food. At HZPC, we believe potatoes are the answer! Did you know potatoes can be grown in a short period of time and with less water than other main food products like rice, wheat or corn? Besides, potatoes contain more important nutrients: vitamins, fibres and minerals. Together with our growers, producers and consumers, we are committed to improving research and the cultivation and usage of potatoes all over the world. That is why we continuously strive to develop efficient varieties, which are adapted to different usage, climates and growing conditions.