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HZPC Potatoes

By 2050, 9.8 billion world citizens need to be fed. The answer to ensure food security is potatoes 🥔, what else? Potatoes can be grown in a short period of time and with less water than other main food products and they contain more vitamins, fibres and minerals. You can grow them almost anywhere in the world and best of all.. potatoes are so delicious and diverse!

HZPC Potatoes

Restaurant Pieperz serves high quality fries, made from our variety 'Tiger'. Together with HZPC, Pieperz has tasted and tested which variety ensures fries that are creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Our 'Tiger' proved to be the best 🥔🙂 Last Friday, a limited amount of 'Tiger' potatoes were harvested especially for Pieperz. Consumers will now be able to enjoy the Tiger fries until summer 2019!

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HZPC Potatoes

2 weeks ago, people in Amsterdam got the chance to be served a 3 course potato menu made by two chefs in a tiny 1-person restaurant. All to promot the potato. See the result in the video below. Want to put these dishes on the table yourselve? Find the recipes here: