La Vie - Unique potato with a fresh firm bite

La Vie. Appetite for life

La Vie is our new culinary star. A full-flavoured potato with a fresh firm bite. La Vie's amazing taste goes well with all different kind of preperations like firm cooking, salad or baby potatoes. 

New marketingconcept

The marketingconcept of La Vie appeals to early spring days. Likeable and innocent. Imagine the table is set outside for the first time. You are amongst family and friends, enjoying a delicious potato meal. It's that day where appetite for life seems exceptionally high in the most laid back way.

It is for good reason we say; La Vie. Appetite for life.



La Vie's highlights


  • Fresh firm bite
  • Full-flavoured


  • Brilliant presentation
  • Multi-use; firm cooking, salad, baby potato


  • Regular and uniform shape
  • Strong long-term storability


  • Medium early variety
  • High tuber number


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